IoT and Remote Control

IoT (Internet of Things) and Remote Control

The DoorInformer is a smart new IOT (Internet of Things) technology that provides real time data from your Automatic Door directly to your door service provider. 

Exclusive to Commercial Door Services, this technology enables us to offer our clients increased performance, decreased faults, while maximizing efficiencies. 

The DoorInformer offers the below simplified smart building solutions: 

  • Detailed asset and location details
  • The ability to send information back to the door
  • Monitor and adjust door settings
  • Automatic fault reporting and fault status
  • Monitors fail safe battery voltage
  • Door cycle and people count

Commercial Door Services offer this as a remotely managed and monitored addition to your asset including: 

  • Remote daily monitoring to ensure units are running within their optimal performance ranges for battery, motor and controller functions
  • Monitored by our technical experts offsite and in the field
  • Ensuring clients piece of mind, they are getting the best from their assets while they focus on their core business

Commercial Door Services want to transform the way your assets work for you around providing accurate and up to date information across your sites. 

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