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Dock Levellers



Dock Levellers

Dock Levellers are the best solution for bridging the gap between trucks (which may often differ in height) and the dock of the warehouse floor.
Dock Levellers are stronger and vastly safer than dock plates making them the ideal solution for loading via forklifts or pallet jacks.

They are available in different deck lengths to reduce the incline between the truck height and the dock floor, and with two load carrying capacities, we can tailor a package to suit almost all applications.

They are robustly built, and carefully engineered with sturdy hydraulic rams for operation. Dock levellers are an ideal choice for reliable long term use and have low annual maintenance requirements.

Operation is safe and simple, and our team will help advise on the best option for your business, including how it can best be used in combination with your dock doors and loading operations.

Contact the Industrial Door Services team for information - they have the expertise to assist you with your Loading Dock requirements.

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