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TF340S Sensormatic Automatic Door System




TF340S Sensormatic Automatic Sliding Door System

Commercial Door Services has created the TF340S Sensormatic Automatic Commercial Door system. This tried and tested commercial security door is designed to suit heavy duty applications and can operate up to 120 kg per leaf in a wide range of situations.

Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications

This model works ideally in clean-room environments, but it is also suitable for a range of other automatic sliding door operations such as supermarkets or small office buildings. Our commercial security door systems can be tailored to suit your company’s needs. We can customise the system to suit various traffic densities, from high to low traffic.

Sleek Aesthetics

We provide an innovative seamless design integration that works with timber, aluminium framed, glass, cavity sliding and servery window applications.

Smooth Operator

The TF340S Sensormatic system operates incredibly smoothly, incorporating a ‘self-cleaning’ stainless steel track and a whisper-quiet belt-driven mechanism. It is rated for continuous, durable and reliable operation.

Easy to Control

We make sure you and your managers are in control of your automatic sliding door systems at all times. We provide an interface with access-control options, as well as a device manager with a control pad or key switching options.

Safety and Security

We guarantee an extremely safe operation that features automatic reversing, as well as a high security-locking module incorporated in the motor.  Our operators are compliant with the current Australian and NZ standards for sliding door assemblies.

View Our Drawings

To get a better idea of what this heavy-duty model would look like when applied with different materials in different settings, explore the sections below. Click through to see ‘Framed’ and ‘Frameless’ applications to see the TF340S Sensormatic Automatic Door,.
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Drawings - TF340S Framed
TF340S Aluminium Framed Door PDF DWG
TF340S Bi-Slide Aluminium Framed Doors PDF DWG

Drawings - TF340S Frameless
TF340S Frameless Glass Door PDF DWG
TF340S Glass Door onto Aluminium Frame PDF DWG
TF340S Bi-Slide Detail Frameless Glass Doors PDF DWG
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