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We Work with Your Facilities Managers

Our commercial security doors are high-tech, but they’re not meant to be impossible to control. Managing your customers' buildings is your business. Ensuring the access and egress to those buildings is kept open (or closed) is ours. We aim to make the lives of your facilities managers much easier by creating technology systems that have a finger on the pulse of door maintenance cycles.

Scheduled Maintenance

Of the many services we offer, one that our clients usually gain the most from is our planned maintenance. This allows us to help you create a cohesive work environment with your facilities managers when it comes to the operation of our commercial security doors. We’ll work with you to schedule regular maintenance to ensure that everything is functioning properly and running according to New Zealand and Australian safety and health standards in regards to automatic mechanisms.

Reactive Servicing

While regular servicing is a great way to keep the greater machine well-oiled, accidents do happen. On the off-chance that anything goes wrong with your commercial security door system, reactive jobs will be sent to our technicians via our specialized web-based software and mobile phones.

Plan in Advance

After each service cycle, be it a scheduled one or reactive one, we can report back to you with advice on current 12A suitability for the relevant doors and our recommendations for future maintenance. This expert advice and information will assist you with your budgeting requirements in the future.

Our Maintenance Expertise

Our team has a lot of experience servicing a series of automatic door systems, such as:

  • Cyclical maintenance of all doors including

    • Automatic

    • Access Control

    • Fire Doors

    • Swing Doors

    • Speed Stiles

    • Roller Doors

    • Rapid Rise doors

  • Building evacuations

Our service technicians are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We guarantee availability of response, even for the most demanding of public building situations, such as airports and shopping malls.
Contact our team for more information about how we can help you manage your facilities. Call us on 0800 863 493 today!


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