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Roller Shutter Doors


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Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

►Reduce Energy use
►Protection from vandalism & burglary
►Ideal for Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural applications
►Wind loading protection

While the world of doors has been changing around them, the traditional roller shutter door we all know has developed as well.
Available as the traditional rolled steel slat, they can also be made with vented screens/curtains, be powder-coated in colours of your choice, can be electrically or manually operated, and can be upgraded to include safety beams with Auto open/Close operation, as well as many other operating and activation options.
But the developments don’t stop there. These doors can also be supplied in a High Speed option, with aluminium slats that can include an insulation infill. They offer security, rapid opening and closing speeds, and the ability to be used many times per day.
Whether they be standard roller shutters, or high speed roller shutters, these doors are the perfect solution for industrial, commercial and agricultural applications where security and protection against the elements are primary considerations.
Contact the Industrial Door Services team for information - they have the expertise to assist you with your Industrial Roller Shutter door requirements.

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