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Rapid Rise Doors




Industrial Rapid Rise Doors

►Reduce Energy
►Increase Efficiency

Technological advances in many industries have resulted in the need for also making improvements in both the efficiency and safety of how products are moved and transported around the working environment.

Rapid rise doors are often the perfect solution for separating critical interior areas from the outer environment. These innovative doors can be used in many applications, including factories, production lines, food preparation, healthcare, and packing houses, to name but a few.

Rapid opening speeds and advanced safety systems combine with tight sealing and pressure resistance to help isolate or control environments. This can include freezer, chiller or other differential temperature or pressure regions.

Speed of opening and closing also assists with the timely and safe movement of products and/or personnel, helping ensure your processes happen within the required timeframes. These efficiencies will help improve your profitability.

With many solutions available in the marketplace, we can tailor and customize our design to you based on your individual needs. 

Doors on offer may also include unique 'knock-out' systems which help prevent damage to the door in the event of a collision. If the door curtain is accidentally hit and ‘knocked out', the door curtain will detach itself from the guide rails preventing damage to the curtain. On the next opening cycle, the door curtain will re-insert itself back into the guide rails, usually without the need for a service or repair technician. Installing this style of door will help reduce the requirement for a service technician to perform repairs, and avoid expensive stoppages or delay to your operations.
Tailor designed solutions - we know there is no one solution for your operation. We will assist you to get the very best result for your operation, and for your investment.
Expertise -  gained from years of offering rapid rise solutions to an extensive array of industries.
Solutions with reliability of operation - our products are designed to reduce maintenance and stoppages to your operations, saving you time, headaches, and best of all - money. We offer doors that can cycle (up/down) hundreds of thousands of times per annum giving you comfort that your investment will still be performing many years into the future.
Solutions with durability - with self-repairing capabilities and constructed from hard-wearing, easy-cleaning materials, the rapid rise doors we can offer will be suitable for purpose, and durable for the most challenging working environments. 
Safety and Staff-friendly solutions - installing rapid rise doors will show your most important asset, your staff, that you care about them and their workplace. Installing rapid rise doors can improve the safety of your operation, and improve the flow in and out of your critical areas. 

For the safety of your staff and customers, vision panels, warning lights, traffic lights or a combination of these and other safety enhancements can be used to optimise your operations. 
Timely maintenance - we can offer a comprehensive service programme on all doors we install to ensure the long life, safety and economic performance of your valuable asset. 


Contact the Industrial Door Services team for information - they have the expertise to assist you with your Industrial Rapid Rise door requirements.


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