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PVC Strip Curtains & Swing Doors


PVC Strip Curtains & Swing Doors

►Easy to maintain
►Protect Employees and Product
►Increase Workplace Productivity
►Assist Temperature Control
We realise that not all businesses can justify the cost of a Rapid Rise door, even though they have reduced substantially in price in recent times.

For the budget conscious, PVC Strip curtains or Swing doors can give you an attractive, lower cost alternative.

They can be used to help reduce energy costs, and to help maintain temperatures between different zones or reduce the amount of dust and dirt in your work place. 

PVC Strip Curtains are available in different thicknesses and widths and there are specialised materials for low temperature applications. 

PVC Strip Doors and Swing Curtains are usually transparent, allowing for clear visibility thereby assisting with the safe movements of stock, staff and customers.

Over their operative lifetime the fact that they are easy to install and maintain means repairs and general maintenance are cost effective and fast, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum while any works are completed.

Industries that can benefit from the installation of PVC Strip Curtains or Swing Doors are:
General Food Service
Supermarkets / Shops
Coolstores / Freezers

Contact the Industrial Door Services team for further information - they have the expertise to assist you to decide on the best PVC Strip Curtain or Swing Door installation for your operation.

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