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Dock Seals & Shelters





Dock Seals & Shelters

Dock Seals are the fabric structure which surrounds the top and sides of a loading dock opening. They are designed to be in direct contact with the truck as it backs into the loading dock.

The selection of the correct seal for your situation will save you money and increase the safety and efficiency of your operation. Selection will depend on the type of trucks you will serve and the design of your building. The layout of your dock will also dictate the type of seal you require.
Consideration needs to be given to the multitude of environmental factors that can affect the movements around the dock, including dust and dirt debris, wind, temperature and moisture control, biosecurity, theft, and employee safety and comfort.
Ensuring access is correct for your loading needs is vital – an incorrect dock seal will generally result in damage and downtime – both impacting directly on your bottom line. Industrial Door Services have the expertise to ensure your seal selection is the correct one.

Major items of consideration when looking for docks seals and shelters are:
  • SAVE money with reduced energy costs
  • IMPROVE working conditions by keeping out dirt, debris & insects
  • PROTECT product & personnel from harsh weather conditions
  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY with a safe & comfortable working environment
  • DURABLE Hi-Performance fabrics in a wide range of colours
  • CUSTOM sizes available to suit any loading dock specifications

Contact the Industrial Door Services team for information - they have the expertise to assist you with your Loading Dock requirements.


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