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Packing Shed




Packing Shed

With massive technological advances within the packing shed having made vast changes to the efficiency of packing shed processes, the movement and transportation of produce to and from the shed has also had to change to keep up.

Installation of high speed doors ensure that forklifts and personnel can move produce quickly and efficiently from the orchard or paddock to the processing line, then onto the desired method of transportation.

Along with carton sorting, palletisation and strapping, the installation of high speed doors completes the modernisation of packing sheds.

Speed in and out of the shed ensures fruit and vegetables reach the market in prime condition for your customer.

Your staff also no longer has to deal with heavy, dangerous doors. Fast, lightweight, high speed doors ensure you can foster safe working habits and methods, all the while maintaining the integrity of the quality of the produce you handle.

Contact the Industrial Door Services Team for assistance with selection of the best door for your requirements.

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